Sweeping and Wide


Sweeping adjective - Having considerable extent.
Usage example: calls for sweeping changes in the way the nation manages security in its major ports

Wide is a synonym for sweeping in extensive topic. In some cases you can use "Wide" instead an adjective "Sweeping", when it comes to topics like vast, wide-ranging. popular alternative

Nearby Words: sweep, sweeper


Wide adjective - Having a greater than usual measure across.
Usage example: the river is so wide that building a bridge across it would be impractical

Sweeping is a synonym for wide in comprehensive topic. You can use "Sweeping" instead an adjective "Wide", if it concerns topics such as vast, expansive. popular alternative

Nearby Word: widely

Both words in one sentence

  • Dork Age / The DCU However, Countdown became increasingly unpopular with fans thanks to its wide-sweeping character changes.
  • The reference photo they used for it had the sweeping mechanism appear to be several feet wide.
  • Manga / Tokyo Ghoul It becomes so severe that a company-wide message goes out, warning of bouts of illness sweeping the organization.
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