Tempo and Velocity


Tempo noun - (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played.
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Synonyms for Tempo

Velocity is a synonym for tempo in pace topic. In some cases you can use "Velocity" instead a noun "Tempo", when it comes to topics like movement, beat, fast, momentum. popular alternative


Velocity noun - A high rate of movement or performance.
Usage example: the velocity of light is about 186,000 miles per second

Tempo is a synonym for velocity in speed topic. You can use "Tempo" instead a noun "Velocity", if it concerns topics such as movement, fast, pace, momentum. popular alternative

How words are described

good good tempo good velocity
high high tempo high velocity
full full tempo full velocity
low low tempo low velocity
Other adjectives: normal, right, fast, original, constant, lower, quick, highest, maximum, insane, faster, slower, ever-increasing.
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