Tendency and Trend


Tendency noun - A prevailing or general movement or inclination.
Usage example: we'll be seeing a tendency for skirt lengths to get shorter this coming season

Trend is a synonym for tendency in behaviour topic. In some cases you can use "Trend" instead a noun "Tendency", when it comes to topics like approach, character trait, direction of movement. popular alternative


Trend noun - A prevailing or general movement or inclination.
Usage example: according to the survey, there's a growing trend for companies to run their own day-care centers for the benefit of employees
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Synonyms for Trend

Tendency is a synonym for trend in behaviour topic. You can use "Tendency" instead a noun "Trend", if it concerns topics such as approach, character trait, flow. popular alternative

Nearby Words: trendy, trended, trending

How words are described

long long tendency long trend
particular particular tendency particular trend
similar similar tendency similar trend
usual usual tendency usual trend
Other adjectives: common, certain, disturbing, annoying, small, strong, real, large, unfortunate, slight, bad, interesting, noticeable, new, persistent, general, growing, odd, strange, recurring, increasing, cultural, modern.
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