Traditional and Unconventional


Traditional adjective - Based on customs usually handed down from a previous generation.
Usage example: a traditional Passover meal at his grandparents' house

Unconventional is an antonym for traditional in unusual topic.


Unconventional adjective - Not bound by traditional ways or beliefs.
Usage example: had unconventional opinions on the raising of children

Traditional is an antonym for unconventional in conventional topic.

Nearby Word: unconventionally

Both words in one sentence

  • Gameplay Roulette Star Fox Zero brings back the traditional gameplay seen in the first two games, but the unconventional controls received mixed reactions.
  • Recap / Steven Universe S 1 E 32 Fusion Cuisine An Aesop: Unconventional families can raise children just as well as traditional ones.
  • Rare Guns Very, very popular in movies and videogames, since it has a nice mix of the unconventional (bullpup layout) and the traditional (wood furniture).
    Source: Rare Guns
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