Triumph and Victory


Triumph noun - A successful result brought about by hard work.
Usage example: getting into Harvard is quite a triumph

Victory is a synonym for triumph in accomplishment topic. In some cases you can use "Victory" instead a noun "Triumph", when it comes to topics like win, re-entry. popular alternative

Nearby Words: triumphant, triumphed, triumphantly, triumphal, triumphing


Victory noun - An instance of defeating an enemy or opponent.
Usage example: with great effort, our team managed an upset victory in the final moments

Triumph is a synonym for victory in win topic. You can use "Triumph" instead a noun "Victory", if it concerns topics such as success, re-entry. popular alternative

How words are described

human human triumph human victory
rare rare triumph rare victory
glorious glorious triumph glorious victory
complete complete triumph complete victory
Other adjectives: total, true, single, resounding, small, great, huge, absolute, famous, moral, ultimate, heroic, final, apparent, temporary, Nazi, inevitable, last, eventual, greatest, recent, technological, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dawn of Victory and Triumph or Agony also contain title tracks which include the titles in the lyrics.
  • Pyrrhic Victory Mass Effect 3 had the theme, "There can be no victory without sacrifice." One way or another, every major quest carries a penalty to match its triumph - some nastier than others, especially if Shepard doesn't exercise good judgement.
  • World War II / Prelude To War By the Summer of 1939, Franco's Nationalists triumph, with Axis support playing the decisive role in their victory.
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