Trustworthy and Unreliable


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Trustworthy adjective – Worthy of one's trust.
Usage example: a trustworthy bodyguard who would never blab to the tabloids

Unreliable is an antonym for trustworthy in reliable topic.
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Unreliable adjective – Not worthy of reliance or trust.
Usage example: in the early 1950s computers were large and expensive and unreliable

Trustworthy is an antonym for unreliable in topics: reliable, not true.
Nearby Words: unreliability, unreliably
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Similar words of trustworthy
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Things that words describes

character trustworthy character unreliable character
man trustworthy man unreliable man
people trustworthy people unreliable people
witness trustworthy witness unreliable witness
Other nouns: system, weapon, source, officer, leaders, sources.

Both words in one sentence

  • Audio Play / Blake's 7 Unreliable Narrator: In the Liberator Chronicles each story is told by one of the Seven(ish), who are not the most trustworthy people.
  • Blog / Can You See the Words Unreliable Narrator: She's withholding too much information to be totally trustworthy and states she is taking some sort of psychiatric drug.
  • Comic Book / The Sandman Unreliable Narrator: Each of the stories in World's End is offered by its teller as ostensibly true, but it's anyone's guess how trustworthy the teller is.
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