Twisted and Warped


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Twisted adjective – Marked by a long series of irregular curves.
Warped is a synonym for twisted in participle topic. In some cases you can use "Warped" instead the word "Twisted" as an adjective or a verb, when it comes to topics like distorted, perverted, biased, crumpled. popular alternative
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Warped adjective – Having or showing lowered moral character or standards.
Twisted is a synonym for warped in participle topic. You can use "Twisted" instead the word "Warped" as an adjective or a verb, if it concerns topics such as distorted, deformed, perverted, kinky. popular alternative
Nearby Words: warp, warping, warper
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  • Alien Geometries The buildings are similar to those of the Victorian Era on Earth but appear to be unusually twisted or warped and based on non-Euclidean geometry.
  • They suffer frequent nightmares that torture their minds with horrible hallucinations that blend with distorted, warped and twisted visions of the past.
  • Video Game / The Evil Within Body Horror Many of the enemies are twisted and warped in visceral ways, and they seem to favor mutilation.
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