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Universe noun – The whole body of things observed or assumed.
Usage example: the theory that the universe is constantly expanding

World is a synonym for universe in culture topic. In some cases you can use "World" instead a noun "Universe", when it comes to topics like matter, nature, province, space. popular alternative
Nearby Words: universal, universally, university, universality
Synonyms for Universe


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World noun – The celestial body on which we live.
Usage example: worried about the effects of pollution on the world

Universe is a synonym for world in culture topic. You can use "Universe" instead a noun "World", if it concerns topics such as matter, planet, peace treaty. popular alternative
Nearby Words: worldly, worldling
Synonyms for World

How words are described

known known universe known world
old old universe old world
physical physical universe physical world
full full universe full world
Other adjectives: parallel, normal, perfect, alien, original, medieval, small, entire, real, little, dark, main, outside, fictional, next, strange, different, modern, virtual, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Visual Novel / 11eyes But that world didn't have the golden eye, and instead the Kakeru in Yuka's universe/world had it, while Abraxas didn't exist in that version of Kukuri.
  • Manga / The World of Narue They're revealed to be a kind of interdimensional archive system meant to contact and preserve a record of all worlds and societies they come across, so that even if a society or a whole world or universe dies they are remembered and "live on" somewhere.
  • Video Game / Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress They may or may not grow more in their immediate futures, so you can imagine how some people in their world/universe might react.
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