Unwise and Wise


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Unwise adjective – Showing or marked by a lack of good sense or judgment.
Usage example: made the unwise decision to invest in a brand-new company

Wise is an antonym for unwise in stupid topic.
Nearby Words: unwisely, unwisdom
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Wise adjective – Having or showing deep understanding and intelligent application of knowledge.
Usage example: a respected and wise old judge famous for her sensible rulings

Unwise is an antonym for wise in topics: intelligent, foolish.
Nearby Words: wisely, wised
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Similar words of unwise
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Similar words of wise
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Things that words describes

move unwise move wise move
choice unwise choice wise choice
idea unwise idea wise idea
creature unwise creature wise creature
Other nouns: use, decision, strategy, decisions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Given that getting hit costs more energy, wise use of the shield is a necessity; unwise use would leave you too low on power to survive.
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