Upset and Well-adjusted


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Upset adjective – Feeling or showing uncomfortable feelings of uncertainty.
Well-adjusted is an antonym for upset.
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Well-adjusted adjective – Free from psychological disorder.
Upset is an antonym for well-adjusted in composed topic.
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  • Literature / Vorkosigan Saga aka: Komarr Parental Hypocrisy: In A Civil Campaign, Kou and Drou get extremely upset upon learning that Kareen has having (sane, well-adjusted, well-educated, and generally awesome) premarital sex with Mark.
  • Some fans are still upset that Daria got over her crush on the cool slacker Trent and ended up with the charming preppie Tom, even though Tom is exactly like Daria, only male and well-adjusted and it's also made clear in the series that she would have been really unhappy with Trent.
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