Variation and Version


Variation noun - A distinct treatment of something (as a story or a play).
Usage example: the movie begins with a somewhat irreverent variation on the Nativity story

Version is a synonym for variation in same topic. In some cases you can use "Version" instead a noun "Variation", when it comes to topics like variant. popular alternative

Nearby Words: variety, variable, varied, variance, variant


Version noun - A presentation of an artistic work (as a piece of music) from a particular point of view.
Usage example: a very Freudian version of the ballet “The Nutcracker”
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Synonyms for Version

Variation is a synonym for version in same topic. You can use "Variation" instead a noun "Version", if it concerns topics such as edition, variant. popular alternative

Nearby Word: verse

How words are described

old old variation old version
female female variation female version
rare rare variation rare version
full full variation full version
Other adjectives: common, standard, mild, male, extreme, villainous, dark, subtle, interesting, new, heroic, minor, twisted, odd, alternate, weird, different, literal, older, modern, downplayed.
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