Abandon and Keep


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Abandon verb – To cause to remain behind.
Usage example: abandoned the group that he had been hiking with and struck out on his own

Keep is an antonym for abandon in topics: give up, relinquish, leave in troubled state.
Nearby Words: abandoned, abandonment, abandoning
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Keep verb – To continue to have in one's possession or power.
Usage example: keep my secret and don't tell it to anyone

Abandon is an antonym for keep in topics: hold on to, hold, commemorate, tend, prevent.
Nearby Words: keeping, keeper
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Similar words of abandon
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Similar words of keep
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How words are described

perfect perfect abandon perfect keep
complete complete abandon complete keep
great great abandon great keep
dark dark abandon dark keep
Other adjectives: ruthless, worst, surprising.

Common collocations

humanity abandon humanity keep humanity
power abandon power keep power
life abandon life keep life
baby abandon baby keep baby
Other nouns: people, job, children, family, name, house, way, identity, world, money, game, ship, anyone, everyone, friends.

Both words in one sentence

  • Parental Substitute: Georgy, for Meredith's and Jos's baby Sara, later Sara's parents abandon her with Georgy and the latter marries the widowed James in order for the state to let her keep the baby.
  • Manga / Franken Fran When the mutations get too numerous to keep up, they simply abandon their daughter.
  • Mass Teleportation This is to keep them safe from the invasion from Cephiro, and conveniently enough lets the Knights and their foes demolish Tokyo with abandon.
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