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Ability noun – The physical or mental power to do something.
Usage example: as a result of the accident the once-vigorous athlete lost the ability to walk

Gift is a synonym for ability in skill topic. In some cases you can use "Gift" instead a noun "Ability", when it comes to topics like dexterity, intellect, aptitude, genius. popular alternative
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Gift noun – Something given to someone without expectation of a return.
Ability is a synonym for gift in talent topic. You can use "Ability" instead a noun "Gift", if it concerns topics such as intellect, aptitude, genius, flair. popular alternative
Nearby Words: gifted, gifting
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human human ability human gift
good good ability good gift
rare rare ability rare gift
special special ability special gift
Other adjectives: best, better, common, natural, powerful, actual, real, great, little, psychic, innate, magic, supernatural, unique, incredible, final, amazing, strange, racial, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • At least with Mystery Gift and the ability to download event Pokémon (Mythical or otherwise) through WiFi, the process of getting these Pokémon has gotten a bit easier.
  • Tabletop Game / Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine Fortunately, it also grants one a magical skill and the ability to gift people miscellaneous abilities and magical objects, among other things.
  • And while you're born with your specific gift (other than the ability to cast spells and scry, each of the witches has their own skill — telekinesis, empathy, etc.), you have to learn to use your abilities and hone your skills.
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