Ability and Proficiency


Ability noun - The physical or mental power to do something.

Proficiency is a synonym for ability in skill topic. In some cases you can use "Proficiency" instead a noun "Ability", when it comes to topics like ease, fitness, capability, competence. popular alternative

Nearby Word: able


Proficiency noun - A highly developed skill in or knowledge of something.

Ability is a synonym for proficiency in skill topic. You can use "Ability" instead a noun "Proficiency", if it concerns topics such as ease, fitness. popular alternative

Nearby Words: proficient, proficiently

How words are described

high high ability high proficiency
physical physical ability physical proficiency
musical musical ability musical proficiency
full full ability full proficiency
Other adjectives: special, better, natural, standard, powerful, actual, real, increased, great, impressive, remarkable, incredible, extra, amazing, greater, flying, basic, racial, magical, stealth, technical.

Both words in one sentence

  • But interestingly, her grandfather, from whom she inherited her mark and proficiency in stage magic, was an earth pony and thus had no spellcasting ability.
  • The Power/POW stat in the Shadow Hearts series refers to the characters' ability to withstand special (magical) attacks and not to the characters' proficiency at dealing physical damage.
  • LARP / Lands of Exile Back Stab: An ability that anyone with proficiency in light weapons can take, dealing extra damage from behind.
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