Able and Feeble


Able adjective - Having the required skills for an acceptable level of performance.

Feeble is an antonym for able in topics: capable of performing, able to perform well.

Nearby Word: ability


Feeble adjective - Lacking bodily strength.

Able is an antonym for feeble in not strong topic.

Nearby Words: feebleness, feebly

Both words in one sentence

  • He started off as the feeble old scientist who had to have his younger and more physically-able companions do the legwork.
  • Film / Independence Day: Resurgence He's feeble, shaky, barely able to walk without a cane.
  • And while it would otherwise play normally, Arod's gravity is so feeble that the entire playfield moves in slow-motion—while this means Arod takes longer to accomplish anything than most other planets, it is also largely able to shrug off attacks from most other planets.
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