Abnormal and Common


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Abnormal adjective – Being out of the ordinary.
Usage example: a completely abnormal school day, because half of the kids were out sick

Common is an antonym for abnormal in topics: unusual, different from standard or norm.
Nearby Words: abnormality, abnormally, abnormity
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Common adjective – Often observed or encountered.
Usage example: horse ranches are a common sight in that part of the state

Abnormal is an antonym for common in topics: usual, low, average, held in common.
Nearby Words: commonplace, commonly, commons, commonality, commonness
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Similar words of abnormal
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Similar words of common
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Things that words describes

feature abnormal feature common feature
power abnormal power common power
trait abnormal trait common trait
reason abnormal reason common reason
Other nouns: way, elements, types.

Both words in one sentence

  • Being able to focus to an abnormal level or for an abnormal length of time is common, as is difficulty in multitasking and dividing attention.
  • Little People Are Surreal It's so common for dwarfs to act abnormal, that the relative normalcy is what tips her off that these aren't normal dwarfs.
  • Retractable Appendages Most common examples include the fangs of vampires, the horns and wings of demonic beings, the abnormal features of mutants, and the extra limbs of human-looking aliens.
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