Abnormal and Unnatural


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Abnormal adjective – Departing from some accepted standard of what is normal.
Usage example: noticed his abnormal breathing and took him to the emergency room

Unnatural is a synonym for abnormal in good topic. In some cases you can use "Unnatural" instead an adjective "Abnormal", when it comes to topics like aberrant, unusual, strange, different from standard or norm. popular alternative
Nearby Words: abnormality, abnormally, abnormity
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Unnatural adjective – Departing from some accepted standard of what is normal.
Usage example: the documentary evinces an unnatural obsession with the gruesome details of the disaster

Abnormal is a synonym for unnatural in good topic. You can use "Abnormal" instead an adjective "Unnatural", if it concerns topics such as artificial, perverted, aberrant, strange. popular alternative
Nearby Word: unnaturally
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Things that words describes

desire abnormal desire unnatural desire
affinity abnormal affinity unnatural affinity
ability abnormal ability unnatural ability
obsession abnormal obsession unnatural obsession
Other nouns: strength, life, state, lack, interest, nature, appearance, amount, means, way, speed, size, color, growth, version, behavior, colors, eyes, powers, abilities, patterns, movements, levels.

Both words in one sentence

  • Faster-Than-Light Travel During a jump, everyone aboard must take shelter in special "normalization booths"; the author has stated that this "creates a good separation between travel that's normal — adhering to the laws of physics — and travel that's abnormal, unnatural, and dangerous."
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