Abode and House


Abode noun - The place where one lives.
Usage example: welcome to my humble abode
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Synonyms for Abode

House is a synonym for abode in home topic. In some cases you can use "House" instead a noun "Abode", when it comes to topics like address, protection, building, residence. popular alternative


House noun - The place where one lives.
Usage example: come over to my house for supper so I can show off my new stove

Abode is a synonym for house in home topic. You can use "Abode" instead a noun "House", if it concerns topics such as habitation, address, protection, residence. formal substitute

How words are described

normal normal abode normal house
empty empty abode empty house
former former abode former house
titular titular abode titular house

Both words in one sentence

  • Men Can't Keep House Young single men living alone or with other male roommates may not have the time nor the inclination to keep house well, especially when their abode is mostly used for sleeping—although the same could be said for young single women.
  • Whatever her reputation, her abode will be a simple house or cottage, where she may have a familiar or bevy of servants, but no family members.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender Evangelyne less often, although she's hardly immune, notably in the Ugly Princesses' abode, or in Ruel's house.
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