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Above adjective – Appearing earlier in the same text.
Upper and above are semantically related in place topic. In some cases you can use "Upper" instead an adjective "Above".
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Upper adjective – Higher in place or position.
Above and upper are semantically related in position topic. You can use "Above" instead an adjective "Upper", if it concerns topics such as place.
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Things that words describes

section above section upper section
level above level upper level
world above world upper world

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Urbanus Losing Your Head: Nabuko Donosor the dog's head and upper jaw float above the rest of his body.
  • The Phoenix A phoenix above the main entrance of Hamburg's city hall symbolizes the rebirth of the city after the great fire of 1842, as does the representative Phönixsaal (Phoenix Hall) on the upper floor.
    Source: The Phoenix
  • Fan Fic / A Growing Affection The upper portion of the dress also had short sleeves connected under her arms, covering from the middle of her biceps to just above Hinata's elbows.
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