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Absent adjective – Not present or in evidence.
Usage example: the city's usual stir of activity was conspicuously absent due to the report of an escaped lion from the zoo

Lacking is a synonym for absent in away topic. In some cases you can use "Lacking" instead the word "Absent" as an adjective or a preposition, when it comes to topics like state, excess, lost, gone. popular alternative
Nearby Words: absence, absented, absently, absenting
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Lacking adjective – Not present or in evidence.
Usage example: for the moment anyway, wood for the fireplace is lacking

Absent is a synonym for lacking in state topic. You can use "Absent" instead the word "Lacking" as an adjective or a verb or a preposition, if it concerns topics such as excess, lost, missing, away. popular alternative
Nearby Words: lack, lacked
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  • Most of which is lacking or absent in what fans refer to as Kalishplosions.
    Source: Mis-blamed
  • Video Game / EarthBound Beginnings Similarly, the HP odometer system that EarthBound and Mother 3 use is also absent, which results in the combat system lacking any real distinguishing factors compared to other turn-based RPGs.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy Variations include complete absence, nipples absent but areola shown, nipples drawn but areola lacking, and both nipples and areola being drawn.
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