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Abstract adjective – Dealing with or expressing a quality or idea.
Usage example: the book deals with abstract matters such as honesty and integrity on the job as well as practical subjects such as asking for a raise

Hypothetical is a synonym for abstract in theoretical topic. In some cases you can use "Hypothetical" instead an adjective "Abstract", when it comes to topics like real, conceptual. popular alternative
Nearby Words: abstracted, abstraction, abstractedly, abstractedness, abstractive
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Hypothetical adjective – Existing only as an assumption or speculation.
Usage example: we talked about what we would do in various hypothetical emergencies

Abstract is a synonym for hypothetical in real topic. You can use "Abstract" instead an adjective "Hypothetical", if it concerns topics such as theoretical. popular alternative
Nearby Words: hypothesis, hypothetic
Synonyms for Hypothetical

Things that words describes

people abstract people hypothetical people
form abstract form hypothetical form
system abstract system hypothetical system
way abstract way hypothetical way
Other nouns: example, characters, version, song, ideas.

Both words in one sentence

  • To use an example from One Piece, the hypothetical power of "pushing" could be used to "push" people at massive speed in order to fake teleportation, to push away abstract concepts such as pain, or to push away attacks.
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