Abyss and Pit


Abyss noun - An immeasurable depth or space.
Usage example: looking down at the dark ocean from the ship's rail, the cruise passenger felt as though he was staring into an abyss
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Synonyms for Abyss

Pit is a synonym for abyss in chasm topic. In some cases you can use "Pit" instead a noun "Abyss", when it comes to topics like nature, valley, hell, something very deep. popular alternative

Nearby Words: abyssal, abysm


Pit noun - A sunken area forming a separate space.
Usage example: removal of the tree stump left a gaping pit in the yard

Abyss is a synonym for pit in hole topic. You can use "Abyss" instead a noun "Pit", if it concerns topics such as nature, valley, hell. popular alternative

How words are described

full full abyss full pit
long long abyss long pit
regular regular abyss regular pit
endless endless abyss endless pit
Other adjectives: deep, empty, actual, massive, large, enormous, dark, cold, watery, new, glowing, flaming, legendary, vast, literal, inescapable, said, giant, gaping, deepest, darkest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Waterfall into the Abyss The abyss is in the middle of the ocean, which drains eternally into this bottomless pit, as seen in the page picture.
  • You Are Not Alone If I were dead and you still fighting for life I would come back from the Abyss, back from the pit of Hell, to fight at your side.
  • Video Game / Overlord: Raising Hell Expansion Pack Hell Has New Management: Upon defeating the Bonus Boss of the Infernal Abyss, the denizens of that fiery pit swears allegiance to you - you have successfully taken over hell!
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