Acceptable and Decent


Acceptable adjective - Of a level of quality that meets one's needs or standards.
Usage example: told the bike rental man that a ten-speed with four broken gears was not acceptable

Decent is a synonym for acceptable in satisfactory topic. In some cases you can use "Decent" instead an adjective "Acceptable", when it comes to topics like good. popular alternative


Decent adjective - Following the established traditions of refined society and good taste.
Usage example: decent clothing for someone attending a funeral, if only as a friend of a friend

Acceptable is a synonym for decent in satisfactory topic. You can use "Acceptable" instead an adjective "Decent", if it concerns topics such as good, sufficient. popular alternative

Nearby Words: decency, decently

Both words in one sentence

  • A half-decent way to make this acceptable would be at least to make sure that the consonant beforehand is the same (noflim—kholim is somehow acceptable, metim—rabim is not).
    Source: Stock Rhymes
  • Since any halfway decent person would put the well-being of friends over a victory, this is an acceptable way to lose an "I Quit" match with one's reputation intact.
  • Although often snarked upon, the KVN, at least the Supreme League, maintained a decent standard of humour so far, mainly thanks to Maslyakov and his team keeping obscenities at an acceptable level.
    Source: Series / KVN
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