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Acceptance noun – The state of being acceptable and accepted.
Recognition is a synonym for acceptance in agreement topic. In some cases you can use "Recognition" instead a noun "Acceptance", when it comes to topics like approval, acknowledgement, ticket, belief in goodness of something. popular alternative
Nearby Words: accept, accepted, acceptable, accepting, acceptability
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Recognition noun – The state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged.
Usage example: the partners were delighted with the recognition of their work

Acceptance is a synonym for recognition in agreement topic. You can use "Acceptance" instead a noun "Recognition", if it concerns topics such as acknowledgement, identification, ticket, appreciation given. popular alternative
Nearby Words: recognize, recognise, recognized, recognizable, recognizer
Synonyms for Recognition

How words are described

good good acceptance good recognition
full full acceptance full recognition
eager eager acceptance eager recognition
public public acceptance public recognition
Other adjectives: complete, quick, social, widespread, explicit, official, greater, wide, foreign, overall, mainstream, wider.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Whale Rider The story follows her as she challenges the traditions of her people and struggles for recognition and acceptance.Contains examples of: Badass Grandpa: Koro Apirana.
  • This was arguably a minor attempt to return his character to its roots as he made this decision partly because he felt more appreciated in the other dimension than he did in his native one and acceptance/recognition was what he had sought from the start.
  • Naruto had a definite ending in which the eponymous hero, after living many years as a lonely outcast, gained acceptance and recognition from his village, achieved his lifelong dream, managed to bring peace to the ninja world, redeemed his best friend, found love and fathered two children.
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