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Accessible adjective – Possible to get.
Usage example: the phone line is not accessible without your personal identification number

Open is a synonym for accessible in property topic. In some cases you can use "Open" instead an adjective "Accessible", when it comes to topics like permission, approachable, admissible, possible. popular alternative
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Open adjective – Freely available for use or participation by all.
Usage example: the lanes at the bowling alley will be open during the afternoon, but will be available only for league play in the evening

Accessible is a synonym for open in available topic. You can use "Accessible" instead an adjective "Open", if it concerns topics such as permission, admissible, possible, unfastened. popular alternative
Nearby Words: opening, openness, opened, opener
Synonyms for Open

Things that words describes

area accessible area open area
series accessible series open series
space accessible space open space
world accessible world open world
Other nouns: game, floor, source, worlds, doors, levels, areas.

Both words in one sentence

  • Alternate Universe: Yuulith is in an alternate Universe from Earth, that is only accessible by portals that open under the full moon.
  • It's open to interpretation how "good" these episodes were, but they really weren't as "accessible."
    Source: Big Name Fan
  • Film / Problem Child For that matter, the speed controls would likely be accessible only to him instead of simply being out in the open as they are.
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