Accomplishment and Performance


Accomplishment noun - A successful result brought about by hard work.
Usage example: our biggest accomplishment this week was finishing the living room makeover

Performance is a synonym for accomplishment in action topic. In some cases you can use "Performance" instead a noun "Accomplishment", when it comes to topics like execution, deed, achievement, completed. popular alternative


Performance noun - The doing of an action.
Usage example: the performance of her nightly ritual, the taking of a warm bath, calmed her

Accomplishment is a synonym for performance in carrying out topic. You can use "Accomplishment" instead a noun "Performance", if it concerns topics such as action, execution, deed, implementation. popular alternative

How words are described

good good accomplishment good performance
successful successful accomplishment successful performance
big big accomplishment big performance
great great accomplishment great performance
Other adjectives: bad, impressive, famous, greater, academic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / The '90s Both men ended up breaking itnote¬† Mcgwire had 70 to Sosa's 66, but the accomplishment would be tarnished by their later accusations of using performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Film / A Fish Called Wanda Kline, who plays the eccentric thief Otto in the film, won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, a rare accomplishment for a comedic performance.There are actually two characters called Wanda in the film.
  • Manga / The Five Star Stories According to background material, their performance levels aren't especially lower than those of the ones piloted by major characters, it's just that the more accomplished and/or skilled knights tend to get flashier-looking mechs as a symbol of their accomplishment.
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