Accuracy and Truth


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Accuracy noun – The quality or state of being very accurate.
Usage example: obviously, with brain surgery the accuracy of the incision is incredibly important

Truth is a synonym for accuracy in exactness topic. In some cases you can use "Truth" instead a noun "Accuracy", when it comes to topics like correctness, fact, true, factuality. popular alternative
Nearby Words: accurate, accurately
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Truth noun – Agreement with fact or reality.
Usage example: there is no truth to the rumor that the couple is getting a divorce

Accuracy is a synonym for truth in correctness topic. You can use "Accuracy" instead a noun "Truth", if it concerns topics such as fact, true, reality. popular alternative
Nearby Words: truthful, truthfulness, truthfully, truthless
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How words are described

full full accuracy full truth
complete complete accuracy complete truth
real real accuracy real truth
great great accuracy great truth
Other adjectives: terrible, horrible, absolute, less, scientific, higher, surprising, historical, technical, worse.

Both words in one sentence

  • One study suggested that training to detect these sort of details did not increase accuracy in detecting truth or falsehood, and in fact the longer a cop did his job the worse he became at determining truth from falsehood.
  • Truth refers to the factual accuracy of each premise and conclusion of the argument.
  • The accuracy for iron sights is somewhat Truth in Television, though gaming logic has turned it into a case of Reality Is Unrealistic.
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