Accurate and Strict


Accurate adjective - Being in agreement with the truth or a fact or a standard.
Usage example: an accurate count of the number of people coming to the wedding reception

Strict is a synonym for accurate in precise topic. In some cases you can use "Strict" instead an adjective "Accurate", when it comes to topics like quality, correct, convincing. popular alternative

Nearby Words: accurately, accuracy


Strict adjective - Following an original exactly.
Usage example: not a strict translation, because a lot of the humor is in the wordplay

Accurate is a synonym for strict in quality topic. You can use "Accurate" instead an adjective "Strict", if it concerns topics such as exact, precise. popular alternative

Nearby Words: strictly, strictness

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Original / Orion's Arm Orion's Arm tries to be strict about accurate physics, or only using speculations that have supporting papers on physics preprint sites.
  • Literature / Left Behind Dan Browned: The authors go to great lengths to assert that these books are accurate predictions of things that will happen once the rapture hits according to a strict interpretation of The Bible.
  • Lawful Neutral The true Nietzschean √úbermensch, having a strict, self-imposed code, is closest to this (although Lawful Blue is a touch more accurate).
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