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Ace verb – Succeed at easily.
Best and ace are semantically related in win topic. In some cases you can use "Best" instead the word "Ace" as a verb or an adjective.
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Best verb – To achieve a victory over.
Usage example: at last she's bested her card-playing mother at the game of hearts

Ace and best are semantically related in win topic. Sometimes you can use "Ace" instead the word "Best" as an adjective or a verb, if it concerns topics such as most excellent.
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How words are described

best best ace best best
regular regular ace regular best
certain certain ace certain best
original original ace original best
Other adjectives: single, popular, powerful, real, huge, famous, new, next, greatest, all-around.

Both words in one sentence

  • Aobajohsai High, one of Miyagi's best teams, has third-year Iwaizumi Hajime as their ace.
    Source: The Ace
  • Fake Ultimate Hero A better example is Haruto Sakuraba, a mediocre receiver who is hailed as the ace of Ojou (the second best school in Tokyo) due to his good looks, and modeling contract.
  • Series / Ultraman Ace Ace realises that a Coup de Grace is the best choice, and grabs Barabas' mace, before using it to decapitate him, ending the fight before the monster could experience any more pain.
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