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Achieve verb – To gain with effort.
Usage example: she achieved her goal despite setbacks

Reach is a synonym for achieve in attain topic. In some cases you can use "Reach" instead a verb "Achieve", when it comes to topics like action, do, accomplish, reach a goal. popular alternative
Nearby Words: achievement, achieved, achievable, achieving, achiever
Synonyms for Achieve


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Reach verb – To gain with effort.
Achieve is a synonym for reach in attain topic. You can use "Achieve" instead a verb "Reach", if it concerns topics such as action, do. popular alternative
Nearby Words: reached, reaching, reachable
Synonyms for Reach

Common collocations

power achieve power reach power
state achieve state reach state
position achieve position reach position
status achieve status reach status
Other nouns: rank, form, orbit, end, way, speed, level, objective, potential, goal, ending, completion, goals, levels, speeds.

Both words in one sentence

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: The highest level you can achieve is 99, but you'll only reach around 60 by the end of the game if you do all the sidequests.
  • Tragic Dream There are a lot of reasons for the dream being out of reach, and for failing to achieve it.
    Source: Tragic Dream
  • Video Game / Mario Kart 64 It becomes jarring when the player plays as a lightweight and has a heavyweight in either the first or second CPU positions who are able to reach speeds they otherwise can't achieve without drifting.
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