Act and Scene


Act noun - A performance regularly presented by an individual or group.

Scene is a synonym for act in performance topic. In some cases you can use "Scene" instead a noun "Act", when it comes to topics like showing, part of a performance.

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Scene noun - The place and time in which the action for a portion of a dramatic work (as a movie) is set.
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Synonyms for Scene

Act is a synonym for scene in performance topic. Sometimes you can use "Act" instead a noun "Scene", if it concerns topics such as showing, part of a dramatic performance.

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How words are described

good good act good scene
nice nice act nice scene
best best act best scene
particular particular act particular scene
Other adjectives: similar, certain, original, single, small, actual, entire, big, great, little, famous, new, major, final, random, next, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • The characters also remove their makeup at the beginning of the final act/scene, mirroring the opening scene.
  • The writer needs them to be somewhere else in the next act/scene, but no established plot device will allow this to happen.
  • Time Skip The first act/scene is in 1963, the second in 1968, the third in 1974, and the musical's finale is sometime in the mid 80's-early 90's.
    Source: Time Skip
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