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Acting noun – The performance of a part or role in a drama.
Dramatics is a synonym for acting in action topic. In some cases you can use "Dramatics" instead a noun "Acting", when it comes to topics like performance, entertaining, drama. popular alternative
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Dramatics noun – The public performance of plays.
Usage example: took part in dramatics while a student at the local university

Acting is a synonym for dramatics in action topic. You can use "Acting" instead a noun "Dramatics", if it concerns topics such as theatrics. popular alternative
Nearby Words: dramatic, drama, dramatically, dramatist, dramatical
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  • Literature / Harriet the Spy He does greet her when he comes home from work, and he tries to help her with her Method Acting homework for dramatics class.
  • Subverted rather amusingly in a non-fiction book called The Art of Coarse Acting, which sounds like a guide to making it big in Awful British Sex Comedy but is actually a mix of how-to guide and memoir about amateur dramatics.
    Source: Super Ringer
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