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Active adjective – Being in effective operation.
Usage example: the abandoned factory had not been active for years

Inert is an antonym for active in topics: sedentary, very involved in activity, having movement.
Nearby Words: action, activity, activate, acting, activated
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Inert adjective – Not being in a state of use, activity, or employment.
Usage example: the inert, abandoned factories that are scattered all over that dying city

Active is an antonym for inert in topics: inactive, lifeless.
Nearby Words: inertia, inertness, inertly
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Things that words describes

character active character inert character
part active part inert part
form active form inert form
soldiers active soldiers inert soldiers

Both words in one sentence

  • The Core is inert while you explore its chamber, and only becomes active at the end of a cutscene that you trigger by speaking with Curly.
  • Taken for Granite Xenosaga Episode III had a medicine called "Seven Moons," which, aside from reviving your characters, also has a slow-acting Petrification effect - apparently an effect of an "inert" virus which has a chance every so often of mutating into an active form.
  • Differences in the inert ingredients (such as the binding of the pill) may affect the rate at which the active ingredients are absorbed into the body, causing the exact same type and amount of medication to have a somewhat different effect.
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