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Active adjective – Involved in often constant activity.
Usage example: all morning the crowd at the coffeehouse kept Marion and her helper pretty active

Vigorous is a synonym for active in action topic. In some cases you can use "Vigorous" instead an adjective "Active", when it comes to topics like powerful, energetic, mobile. popular alternative
Nearby Words: action, activity, activate, acting, activated
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Vigorous adjective – Having active strength of body or mind.
Active is a synonym for vigorous in energetic topic. You can use "Active" instead an adjective "Vigorous", if it concerns topics such as action, strenuous, powerful. popular alternative
Nearby Words: vigor, vigour, vigorously
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Things that words describes

life active life vigorous life
work active work vigorous work
woman active woman vigorous woman
form active form vigorous form
Other nouns: scene, use.

Both words in one sentence

  • Elderly Immortal As a result, these characters are forever stuck at the apparent age when most mortals health finally begins to succumb to the ravages of old age, but unlike the Age Without Youth character, they usually remain vigorous, healthy, "active seniors," and are usually still at least somewhat attractive.
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