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Actual adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: the actual outcome of the election was quite different from what everybody had expected

Existent is a synonym for actual in true topic. In some cases you can use "Existent" instead an adjective "Actual", when it comes to topics like real, existing, be, existing at the present time. popular alternative
Nearby Words: actualize, actually, actuality, actuation, actualization
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Existent adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: to some people, angels are as existent as aardvarks or astronomers

Actual is a synonym for existent in true topic. You can use "Actual" instead an adjective "Existent", if it concerns topics such as real, alive, be. popular alternative
Nearby Words: existence, existing, existential
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Things that words describes

plot actual plot existent plot
scene actual scene existent scene
characters actual characters existent characters
games actual games existent games

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Sure, you get some cool karate kicks and a move that can OHKO any NPC, but the actual chances you're going to use them will be almost non-existent.
  • However, exceedingly rare means exactly that — rare, not non-existent: shadowcasters have no actual mechanical alignment restrictions, they can explicitly be of any alignment, and there is no real indication there are more evil than neutral shadowcasters.
  • Film / The Wicker Man Too Dumb to Live: Edward, Cage's character - he barges onto the island and tries to throw his police weight around, with no plan, no actual authority to enforce the non-existent plan, and no backup.
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