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Actual adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Original is a synonym for actual in true topic. In some cases you can use "Original" instead an adjective "Actual", when it comes to topics like authentic, existing at the present time.
Nearby Words: actualize, actually, actuality, actuation, actualization
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Original adjective – Coming before all others in time or order.
Actual is a synonym for original in authentic topic. You can use "Actual" instead an adjective "Original", if it concerns topics such as true.
Nearby Words: origin, originality, origination, originator, originally
Synonyms for Original

Things that words describes

purpose actual purpose original purpose
work actual work original work
man actual man original man
body actual body original body
Other nouns: name, appearance, plot, form, series, show, episode, plan, characters, personality, game, story, title, book, music, meaning, ending, song, film, comic, movie, names, games, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • Reading the Stage Directions Out Loud A variation of this occurs where the original person says their actual name, and the response includes this name instead of the person or people's actual names.
  • Film / V/H/S True to the original filmmakers' intent; despite many viewers' assuptions, she never was intended to be either a succubus or anything from actual mythology.
    Source: Film / V/H/S
  • Logo Joke BBC Wales opted out of this, choosing instead to use their actual model, replete with bilingual Cymru/Wales branding, and an original BBC Wales announcer.
    Source: Logo Joke
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