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Actual adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: the actual outcome of the election was quite different from what everybody had expected

Unreal is an antonym for actual in topics: genuine, real, apparent, existing at the present time.
Nearby Words: actualize, actually, actuality, actuation, actualization
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Unreal adjective – Not real and existing only in the imagination.
Usage example: the unreal world of TV sitcoms

Actual is an antonym for unreal in real topic.
Nearby Words: unrealistic, unreality
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Things that words describes

character actual character unreal character
battle actual battle unreal battle
meaning actual meaning unreal meaning

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Unreal Tournament 2004 This arc wasn't further explored, being replaced instead for the actual sequel to Unreal Tournament's story, and with Epic disowning the first Championship game.
  • That said, the actual foreshadowing that the island is All Just a Dream is almost unreal.
  • Done in the Ballistic Weapons mod for Unreal Tournament 2004: the occasional real-world firearm is in the mod, under a name that may or may not be similar to its actual name — an M4 with grenade launcher named the "M50", for example.
    Source: A.K.A.-47
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