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Add verb – To combine (numbers) into a single sum.
Usage example: when she added all the phone charges herself, she discovered an error in her bill

Total is a synonym for add in add up topic. In some cases you can use "Total" instead a verb "Add", when it comes to topics like activity, addition, quantity, accumulation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: added, adding
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Total verb – To combine (numbers) into a single sum.
Usage example: total all the receipts and tell me how much I owe you

Add is a synonym for total in add up topic. You can use "Add" instead a verb "Total", if it concerns topics such as activity, addition, increase. popular alternative
Nearby Words: totaled, tot, totality, totaling, totalled
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Common collocations

weapon add weapon total weapon
armor add armor total armor
gun add gun total gun
seconds add seconds total seconds

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Le Fantabulous Game Heart Container: Blüdwurst, giant red sausages, add a heart to your health meter in addition to adding a sausage to your total.
  • Film / Queen of the Damned Not only does Akasha's total screentime add up to about twenty minutes, her only purpose is to tempt Lestat into being evil.
  • Number of the Beast In 7th Dragon the total number of Dragons that live at the start of the game add up to 666.
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