Adjacent and Distant


Adjacent adjective - Having a border in common.
Usage example: their house is adjacent to a wooded park

Distant is an antonym for adjacent in topics: adjoining, next to.

Nearby Words: adjacency, adjacently


Distant adjective - Not close in time or space.
Usage example: the distant towers were barely visible in the fog

Adjacent is an antonym for distant in topics: far-off, faraway, aloof.

Nearby Words: distance, distantly

Both words in one sentence

  • Brick Joke A magazine ad from 1977 shows two adjacent mansions (one of which looks remarkably similar to a mini-White House) and two distant human silhouettes in one of the doorways.
    Source: Brick Joke
  • Faster-Than-Light Travel Sometimes called "fold drives" (from the analogy of folding a piece of paper to make two distant points adjacent).
  • The evening was cold and tempestuous, the rain poured in torrents, and the distant thunders rolled with tremendous noise round the adjacent mountains, whilst the pale lightning added horrors to the scene.
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