Admire and Esteem


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Admire verb – To think very highly or favorably of.
Usage example: I admire the way you handled such a touchy situation

Esteem is a synonym for admire in respect topic. In some cases you can use "Esteem" instead a verb "Admire", when it comes to topics like adore, behaviour, praise, hold in high regard. popular alternative
Nearby Words: admirable, admiration, admirer, admiring, admiringly
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Esteem verb – To think very highly or favorably of.
Usage example: although the works of the Impressionist painters are esteemed today, they met with scorn when they were introduced

Admire is a synonym for esteem in respect topic. You can use "Admire" instead a verb "Esteem", if it concerns topics such as behaviour, praise, think highly of. popular alternative
Nearby Words: esteemed, esteeming
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  • Bears Are Bad News When sane they admire the night elves' respect for nature and forest life and are thus old friends, and also hold the tauren in esteem due to their similar cultures.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry Jane and Lizzie support each other and admire the other, Jane and Lydia esteem and try to correct each other, and Lizzie and Lydia are too busy being sarcastic towards each other and too certain that their way of living is the good one to be rivals.
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