Admit and Deny


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Admit verb – To accept the truth or existence of (something) usually reluctantly.
Usage example: you can't bring yourself to admit your mistakes

Deny is an antonym for admit in topics: allow, confess, allow entry or use.
Nearby Words: admission, admitted, admittedly, admitting
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Deny verb – To declare not to be true.
Usage example: the congressman denied all charges of wrongdoing

Admit is an antonym for deny in topics: contradict, disagree.
Nearby Words: denial, denied, denying, deniable
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Similar words of deny
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Common collocations

love admit love deny love
attraction admit attraction deny attraction
part admit part deny part
responsibility admit responsibility deny responsibility
Other nouns: truth, relationship, right, possibility, time, fact, use, way, existence, feelings, times, exists.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Squadette This will apparently apply to all conventional infantry positions, while special force units can chose to admit or deny female applicants at their own discretion.
    Source: The Squadette
  • Masquerade Ball Even those who vainly deny that Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory may grudgingly admit the social metaphor inherent in the Masquerade Ball.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl Haruko is a textbook example: she's been in love with Takeru since childhood, but refuses to admit it and will vehemently deny it if anyone asks.
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