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Adopt verb – Take into one's family.
Usage example: They adopted two children from Nicaragua

Take is a synonym for adopt in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Take" instead a verb "Adopt", when it comes to topics like action, assume, accept, get.
Nearby Words: adoption, adopting, adoptive, adoptability, adopter
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Take verb – To agree to receive whether willingly or reluctantly.
Usage example: took a cut in pay

Adopt is a synonym for take in action topic. You can use "Adopt" instead a verb "Take", if it concerns topics such as assume, accept, get.
Nearby Words: taking, taken, taker
Synonyms for Take

Common collocations

approach adopt approach take approach
life adopt life take life
role adopt role take role
word adopt word take word
Other nouns: name, look, form, time, way, names.

Both words in one sentence

  • A Man And His Dog: Early on in the trip, Rory comes across an abused retired fighting dog which he decides to adopt and take with him the rest of the way.
  • Series / Ultraman Nexus Transformation Is a Free Action: Painfully subverted in that the dangerously Genre Savvy monsters will often take pot shots at the Chester combat vehicles as they adopt close formation during their merger sequence.
  • Video Game / World's Dawn The townspeople are kind but often in need of a little help, you take care of your animals, and you can even feed wild animals or adopt a stray.
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