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Advance verb – To move forward along a course.
Usage example: as the technology advances, electronic devices keep getting smaller and smarter

Stay is an antonym for advance.
Nearby Words: advanced, advancement, advancing, advancer
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Stay verb – To bring (something) to a standstill.
Usage example: stay the trial until this new evidence has been processed

Advance is an antonym for stay in topics: visit, hold, support, wait, hold in abeyance.
Nearby Words: stayed, staying
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Similar words of advance
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Similar words of stay
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How words are described

good good advance good stay
short short advance short stay
original original advance original stay
main main advance main stay
Other adjectives: later, unwanted, red.

Common collocations

character advance character stay character
position advance position stay position
level advance level stay level
money advance money stay money
Other nouns: goal, ship.

Both words in one sentence

  • They are also much slower when submerged and can only stay submerged for limited periods of time, which is why nuclear power has generally been considered a big advance.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: that is, to sell her beloved airplane and become the perfect hostess to advance his academic career.
  • Worse, some patterns of "leveling up" make you weaker: you must pick the right skills to advance to stay still.
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