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Advantage noun – The more favorable condition or position in a competition.
Interest is a synonym for advantage in benefit topic. In some cases you can use "Interest" instead a noun "Advantage", when it comes to topics like help, favor, welfare. popular alternative
Nearby Words: advantaged, advantageous, advantageously, advantaging
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Interest noun – The state of doing well especially in relation to one's happiness or success.
Usage example: make no mistake: she's determined to act in her own interest in this business deal

Advantage is a synonym for interest in help topic. You can use "Advantage" instead a noun "Interest", if it concerns topics such as favor, welfare. popular alternative
Nearby Words: interested, interesting, interestingly
Synonyms for Interest

How words are described

clear clear advantage clear interest
special special advantage special interest
best best advantage best interest
particular particular advantage particular interest
Other adjectives: obvious, strong, actual, real, great, serious, huge, little, slight, potential, main, sexual, personal, new, major, possible, temporary, significant, primary, said.

Both words in one sentence

  • A Degree in Useless Meanwhile, the actual Bookworm trait, which you would expect to line up with an interest in Communications subjects, instead gives you an advantage in only the Science career.
  • Gold Digger She takes advantage of this even though she clearly has no interest in her student.
    Source: Gold Digger
  • The Lad-ette In turn, a Lad-ette can be utterly shameless in exploiting male sexual interest for her own personal advantage.
    Source: The Lad-ette
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