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Advantage noun – The more favorable condition or position in a competition.
Usage example: your experience volunteering at the hospital will put you at an advantage when you're applying for a job there

Odds is a synonym for advantage in help topic. In some cases you can use "Odds" instead a noun "Advantage", when it comes to topics like benefit.
Nearby Words: advantaged, advantageous, advantageously, advantaging
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Odds noun – A measure of how often an event will occur instead of another.
Advantage is a synonym for odds in help topic. You can use "Advantage" instead a noun "Odds".
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How words are described

good good advantage good odds
clear clear advantage clear odds
best best advantage best odds
better better advantage better odds
Other adjectives: complete, considerable, single, sheer, small, actual, massive, large, great, serious, superior, enormous, huge, little, personal, incredible, ridiculous, overwhelming, greater, maximum, greatest, insane, numerical.

Both words in one sentence

  • This also increases the drama when the faces are able to even the odds after every advantage period.
  • The Lancer They initially are at odds first with Hiccup's goofing up at dragon training and then when he completely upstages her with his newfound knowledge of dragons giving him a overwhelming advantage.
    Source: The Lancer
  • Mexican Standoff Frequently ends in a Blast Out when someone gets twitchy, figures the odds differently than everyone else and decides they have an advantage, or is just crazy enough to not care if they die too.
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