Affection and Dislike


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Affection noun – A feeling of strong or constant regard for and dedication to someone.
Usage example: an elderly couple showing their affection for each other by little acts of kindness

Dislike is an antonym for affection in strong fondness topic.
Nearby Words: affect, affected, affectation, affectionate, affecting
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Dislike noun – A strong feeling of not liking or approving.
Usage example: we have a strong dislike for olives and wouldn't eat them even if we were paid

Affection is an antonym for dislike.
Nearby Words: disliked, disliking
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How words are described

particular particular affection particular dislike
common common affection common dislike
genuine genuine affection genuine dislike
deep deep affection deep dislike
Other adjectives: open, obvious, strong, large, extreme, great, little, fierce, personal, general, apparent, shared, mutual, immense, abiding.

Both words in one sentence

  • Real Men Hate Affection Particularly interesting since Vulcans dislike showing emotion in general, so Spock's obvious affection for Kirk effectively breaks two sets of social rules.
  • Manga / The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan Later, Yuki walks in on Haruhi giving Kyon (obligation) chocolate during Valentines' Day, where Haruhi explains that she does feel a little bit of affection towards Kyon, stating that she "doesn't dislike him" to Yuki.
  • Film / The Mad Miss Manton Even now, I dislike you intensely... that is, the sensible sane portion of me... but there’s an insane side of me that gets a little violent every time I think of you.Melsa Manton: Getting out of a million-dollar lawsuit wouldn't have anything to do with your change in affection, would it?
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