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Affection noun – A positive feeling of liking.
Usage example: he had trouble expressing the affection he felt

Feeling is a synonym for affection in fondness topic. In some cases you can use "Feeling" instead a noun "Affection", when it comes to topics like emotion, inclination, feelings, strong fondness. popular alternative
Nearby Words: affect, affected, affectation, affectionate, affecting
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Feeling noun – The capacity for feeling for another's unhappiness or misfortune.
Usage example: a woman of great feeling, the princess wanted to use her status and influence to help the needy

Affection is a synonym for feeling in love topic. You can use "Affection" instead a noun "Feeling", if it concerns topics such as ardour, emotion, inclination, feelings. popular alternative
Nearby Words: feel, feelingly, feeler, feeing
Synonyms for Feeling

How words are described

loving loving affection loving feeling
human human affection human feeling
particular particular affection particular feeling
warm warm affection warm feeling
Other adjectives: normal, usual, paternal, true, genuine, sheer, deep, romantic, strong, actual, great, little, sexual, motherly, general, mutual, overwhelming, immense, growing.

Both words in one sentence

  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"? The Atevi of the Foreigner series do not have words for "love" or "friendship", since they are biologically incapable of feeling any form of affection.
  • Manga / Vampire Knight Repeatedly admitting how their longevity and capability to control both humans and other vampires leaves them tired of life and/or feeling desperate of experiencing real love, and not what might simply be manipulated feelings, should they ever receive or feel affection for a non-pureblood being.
  • After Tobin learned how to keep him in check Brother actually got extremely protective — despite the claims of some characters this troper never could shake the feeling that Brother DOES feel affection and brotherly love towards his sibling.
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