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Affection noun – A feeling of strong or constant regard for and dedication to someone.
Qualities and affection are semantically related In some cases you can replace term "Qualities" with "Affection", this nouns are similar.
Nearby Words: affect, affected, affectation, affectionate, affecting
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Affection and qualities are semantically related in characteristic topic. Sometimes you can use "Affection" instead a noun "Qualities".
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  • Inspired by a poll of what qualities boys desire most, Luna tries her hand at cooking in the Mega Man Star Force anime to win MegaMan's affection.
  • Literature / ½ Prince He's initially irked by Gui's affection/under the impression that they're actually competing for Yang Ming, and later finds likable qualities in both and doesn't want to hurt either of them by picking the other.
  • However, unlike sociopaths, narcissists are not entirely devoid of redeeming qualities given that they are capable of experiencing shame for their actions as well as sincere (albeit self-centered) affection towards others.
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