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Agent noun - Something used to achieve an end.
Usage example: the Church has been the traditional agent for social justice in impoverished countries
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Factor is a synonym for agent in representative topic. In some cases you can use "Factor" instead a noun "Agent", when it comes to topics like power, means. popular alternative

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Factor noun - A person who acts or does business for another.
Usage example: at the auction the high bidder for the painting was actually a factor for a wealthy art collector

Agent is a synonym for factor in determinant topic. You can use "Agent" instead a noun "Factor", if it concerns topics such as means. popular alternative

How words are described

known known agent known factor
human human agent human factor
good good agent good factor
single single agent single factor
Other adjectives: effective, powerful, active, actual, real, evil, main, ultimate, new, random, unknown, badass.

Both words in one sentence

  • Shout-Out: In an X-Factor story written by Peter David, Val once mentioned her brother, an FBI agent who had been involved in a case concerning a dead girl wrapped in plastic.
  • Overt Operative One interesting factor of the whole Valerie Plame scandal is that she was apparently a covert agent yet was an ambassador's wife well-known by a number of important people.
  • The Danza: Star Factor vel Staszek, the super agent/Jedi/world-saver extraordinaire, played by Stanisław "Staszek" Mąderek.
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