Agreement and Harmony


Agreement noun - The state of being of one opinion about something.
Usage example: we were in agreement about one thing at least: that we'd never worked so hard in all our lives

Harmony is a synonym for agreement in accord topic. In some cases you can use "Harmony" instead a noun "Agreement", when it comes to topics like concurrence, affinity, balance, correspondence. popular alternative

Nearby Words: agreeable, agreed, agreeing


Harmony noun - Peaceful coexistence.
Usage example: the apparent inability of the party's right and left wings to resolve their conflicts and live in harmony at least during the convention

Agreement is a synonym for harmony in accord topic. You can use "Agreement" instead a noun "Harmony", if it concerns topics such as affinity, balance, correspondence, arrangement. popular alternative

How words are described

full full agreement full harmony
perfect perfect agreement perfect harmony
complete complete agreement complete harmony
utter utter agreement utter harmony
Other adjectives: simple, entire, collective, quiet, peaceful, ancient, new, general, universal, mutual, international.

Both words in one sentence

  • Meaningful Name / Web Media As in most superhero fiction, this kind of thing is common in Worm — the best example is probably Accord, whose name means "agreement or harmony of things in general"note Definition drawn from Wiktionary, and whose most basic desire in life is the harmonious order of everything.
  • Exiled from Continuity These restrictions are probably due to the very confusing licensing agreement between Harmony Gold and Big West, the Japanese rights holders to Macross.
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